How to eat healthy in the office?

For a small country such as Croatia, it is unusual to see such a rich culinary tradition. Still, geographical position and historical events have left an impact on the country’s cuisine, and people in Croatia are very proud of this heritage that they nurture and enjoy it on a daily basis.


From the spicy sausages of Slavonia to the seafood from Dalmatia, Croatian food and Croatian cuisine differ from one region to another. Croatian cuisine is tasty, healthy, and fascinatingly varied, as it combines two culinary traditions — the Mediterranean, based on seafood, and central European, with its simple but nutritious schnitzels and strudels.


Foods that we eat affect us more than we realize. Inadequate nutrition doesn’t just impact our health; it can affect our performance at work by negatively impacting concentration and energy levels, and cause irritability, frustration, and impatience. 

The key to eating healthy at work is simplicity

make a simple dish that you can take into work.  This might also include routinely buy healthy snacks (carrot sticks, nuts, and seeds) on your way to work. One study found that the more fruits and vegetable people consumed (up to 7 portions), the happier, more engaged, and more creative they tended to be. This is because fruits and vegetables contain vital nutrients that encourage dopamine production, 

which plays a role in the experience of curiosity, motivation, and engagement. They also contain antioxidants that improve memory and enhance mood. That is why you can always find something to snack in the SGS office. There are nuts like peanuts, hazelnuts, cashew nuts and pistachios, whole grain like popcorn, which is an excellent example of a high-volume, low-calorie, dietary fiber. Also, at least two types of fruit for their employees every day. 


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