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With our innovative approach and expertise our key team will always give the best results in the shortest time, utilizing their past knowledge and experience.
With our global presence and expertise, we influence how people and companies work now and how they will work in the future. We partner with our clients to drive real innovation—the kind that turns an idea into an industry—helping them transform and grow their organization.
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Mission & Vision

SGS reduces the cost of operations for clients while delivering a next generation premium managed services to the industry. SGS changes & reshapes the BPO Z industry and has developed a state of the art cloud solutions for their clients.





Executive Placement Focus




Top Management

C level positions, and equivalent positions in companies

Middle Management

General Manager, Departmental guidance, Department Directors, Managers





Executive Placement Services




SGS one cloud solution

Executive management platform


Candidate selection & candidate scheduling 


24/7 reports via SGS mobile app & desktop app

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Quality instead quantity

SGS Expertise

Know How, competence & expertise

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Our network is our net worth. No matter where your search is based, we will deliver. It is about relationships, not technology.

We use a blended approach and deliver our solutions for Europe & GCC Region.

Our high quality BPO Z services are state of the art comprehensive business solutions, fused with low-cost resources.

This picture contains numbers in percentages which reflects SGS network in certain territory.


“We have a strategic process to find the hard – to – find talent for you impact position.”

Markus Borlinghaus

“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

Will Rodgers





Executive Placement Scope




At SGS, we know what great leaders can do. We share a singular goal:

To empower our clients to drive lasting positive change through excellent leadership!

We finding the leader that develop your company towards where it company wants to go.

  • Our prime focus is direct search which takes 95% of our Executive Placement
  • Global network
  • Understanding our customers’ needs and wishes
  • Skilled team of people with excellence & experience
  • State of the art process of selection & reporting
  • EEP – (executive evaluation and placement services)
  • Individual Placements
  • Case by Case Placement
  • Managed service for executive placement




 How we work:



At SGS, we know what great leaders can do. We share a singular goal: 

To empower our clients to drive lasting positive change through excellent leadership!

Our experience as long-term industry insider in executive positions, and with an individual network of skilled managers who can operate at any given stage of development of a business is what makes us an ahead of the game Execitive Placement Services. 

  • We understand your wishes (even when you do not)
  • We have a global network of C level candidates
  • We are Detailed and Thorough
  • We tailor a structured search strategy to meet your individual needs
  • Experience in various industries

We understand leadership is important because:

“Recruitment is like fishing. You may thing that there is a shortage of fish, when the real problem is where you fish and what bait you use.”
Dr. John Sullivan

Why Croatia?

Let Us Help You

Take Your Money To New Heights



  • Broad industry expertise

  • Specializing in C-level and Board Member search assignments

  • Understanding of each client’s strategic, financial, and operational issues

  • Cultural knowledge and partner-led search execution

  • Croatia is a small, young but promissing  dynamic country. The advantages are numerous, especially with its knowledgeable, well educated, affordable workforce and strategic geographical location in the heart of EMEA.

  • Croatia’s geographical location puts it close to all European countries. Numerous daily direct flights to all European, GCC & CEE major cities.

  • Croatians are innovative and inventive (Nikola Tesla), so it is safe to asume you will get a smart “Virtual Workforce”.

  • Croatia is an attractive place to work: financially attractive, low taxation, close to the Mediterranean sea & excellent logistic connections to all European cities. Therefore, very attractive for employees. 


SGS is maintaining the consistency, accuracy and trustworthiness of data over its entire lifecycle. Success will come and go, but integrity is forever.

Nowadays, maintaining a sustainable business is more important than ever before, in preparation of the future.

Attracting, developing and retaining the best talent for our business, challenging our people, demonstrating a “can-do” attitude and fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.

We strive to fulfil customer requirements and deliver outstanding performance.

Evidenced by results: integrated performance across revenue, cost and risk.

SGS global network and international business presence meets the speed, network and diverse needs of todays’ most demanding organisations.

Scalable Global Solutions Philosophy

Customer Satisfaction

SGS is maintaining the consistency, accuracy and trustworthiness of data over its entire lifecycle. Success will come and go, but integrity is forever.

Global presence and network

As a full service organization with regional councils in the Americas, Europe and Asia/Pacific our mission is to deliver business solutions to our clients. Our expertise ranges from BPO, Recruitment, Executive Search and Corporate Consulting solutions


SGS develops the capacity for managing and leading themselves. They furnish the initiative, the sense of responsibility, the creativity, and the problem solving from within. SGS lives up to these ideals – teams are uniquely self-reliant.

High – performing people

We’re here to make sure everything goes right for our clients and candidates. We believe that communication is a key to success. Your feedback, your questions and ideas help us develop our service to meet your needs.

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