We know that every IT manager and the team have different requirements, so we offer a range of flexible options that scale to meet your needs.

Add additional manpower when you need it

Quick access to certified & multi-skilled IT professionals

Add quality new technical staff without risk

Help to free the internal team to focus on core duties

Add resources to help ease congestion and bottlenecks

Scale-up & down quickly to meet changing workloads

Key cover for absences, illness & holidays

Support at remote sites & satellite offices

Additional expertise & workforce for project rollouts

Access to senior technical expertise & industry experience

Help with complex IT issues & major projects

Independent counsel & strategic advice

Access to leading-edge support technology & tools

Add valuable specialist services not available in-house

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IT support& specialist services - for IT managers & teams

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Busy and understaffed internal IT teams and Service Desks often struggle to strike the right balance between good housekeeping and support of existing solutions whilst leading the integration of new technologies to deliver digital transformation across their business. A shortfall in technical expertise can also mean that capabilities are thinly spread across the team and complex IT issues and projects hit stumbling blocks or long delays due to inexperience and lack of knowledge. This often results in a dip in service levels leading to a decline in end-user productivity and internal customer satisfaction putting your team under constant pressure.

1st, 2nd, 3rd Front Line & Escalation Support

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1st, 2nd Front Line Support

Our 3-star SDI certified Service Desk places an experienced team of highly-qualified professionals at your disposal. We’ll work in partnership with your internal team and serve as the first line of support for your end-users’ day-to-day support needs and service requests. To ensure continual improvement and service quality, we listen to our customers carefully through userbase feedback with incident-based and bi-annual satisfaction surveys. We also provide monthly reporting for full transparency of service and insight into trends about your support.

3rd Line Escalation Services

Our 3rd line technical staff all have years of industry experience, in-depth training, and are certified to the highest levels for key vendors. They’re an ideal resource to handle critical incidents, very urgent issues, and more complex tickets and user requests. You can be rest assured that they’ll get to the bottom of the problem as quickly as possible, either remotely or with an on-site visit. Our 3rd line team will work in partnership with you to complement your internal skills, utilizing your teams’ core competencies, and helping to improve service levels to your end-users.

Emergency Support

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Internal IT departments are under continual pressureto provide immediate, expert technical support. Sometimes things can go unexpectedly wrong resulting in outages and major issues with your network, systems and applications. This leads to downtime, reduced productivity for users and ultimately loss of business – with you being held accountable. You may not have the skills or staff to address these problems in-house. That’s where we can help. We’ll provide the extra expertise and manpower you need in a hurry to get you quickly back up and running again. Whether it’s a business-critical emergency (such as server failure) that requires urgent remote support or a rapid on-site visit by one of our senior engineers, we’re here to help. It may even be a complex one-off or intermittent issue. We’ll provide the expert knowledge and skills you need to resolve your problems quickly.

Overspill / Overflow Services

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Busy IT departments can experience huge swings in the volume of support requests they receive with many peaks and troughs. These surges in demand are difficult to predict and when you reach capacity you’ll be understaffed and unable to deliver satisfactory service. We’ll eliminate this problem and work as an extension of your internal IT team to pick up the excess during periods of high demand. From 1st to 3rd line Service Desk and on-site support, we’ll become part of your team to help reduce long waiting and resolution times.

Out of Hours Cover

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Your IT team may work daytime shifts and will need to support your infrastructure and users outside standard business hours, at weekends, on public holidays, or round the clock. We provide out of hours Service Desk and on-site cover when your team isn’t available, helping you avoid the overhead of employing additional staff. Perfect for clients with subsidiary offices overseas, shift workers, early starters, and staff working late nights to hit important deadlines. We’ll integrate with your internal systems and procedures to deliver a standardized and seamless experience, so users think we’re part of your team. We’ll help reduce downtime and support your end-users at a time that suits them ensuring they’re always up and running and happy. We’ll even pick up any outstanding tickets not completed by your team during their shift for a quick resolution giving you a head start when back in the office.

On-site Staffing & Secondment

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 Our people are experienced and fully accredited. They can quickly integrate with your team to cover absences such as holidays, sickness, and training if you’re very busy and need extra technical resources to tide you over. Available for long or short-term secondments, you’ll be able to scale your team quickly with minimal risk and commitment.

Extra Project Workforce

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As well as staff cover, we can provide additional manpower and technical resources for project rollouts such as upgrades, installations, and relocations – if you need an extra pair of hands or additional expertise.

Support for Remote Offices

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You may have multiple offices but your IT team is based at a single location. We can provide support and technical resources including any on-site visits to your satellite offices to help rectify issues that can’t be dealt with remotely by your team.

Infrastructure Management

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We can make sure your IT estate runs efficiently and safely while freeing up your resources to focus on core responsibilities. Our standard service includes full management and event monitoring of your infrastructures availability, performance, and health with remediation, preventative maintenance and Root Cause Analysis (RCA). We’ll monitor your hardware, software and critical business services 24×7 flagging potential problems and anomalies identifying any faults or outages as soon as they happen. We’ll be alerted of any issues at an early stage, which we’ll remediate immediately either internally or bypassing back to your team. This virtually eliminates any downtime making sure your systems are always available and running smoothly. We can take care of your backup and data storage and monitor for success and critical irregularities. We can also automate common tasks to maximize process efficiencies and offer bespoke ransomware protection. Our service also includes regular preventative maintenance which includes automated installation of critical updates, patching, service packs and security updates. Services are delivered using our best-of-class Remote Monitoring and Management tools via our Network Operations Centre (NOC) which is staffed by fully experienced and accredited 2nd and 3rd line engineers.

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SGS is maintaining the consistency, accuracy and trustworthiness of data over its entire lifecycle. Success will come and go, but integrity is forever.

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As a full service organization with regional councils in the Americas, Europe and Asia/Pacific our mission is to deliver business solutions to our clients. Our expertise ranges from BPO, Recruitment, Executive Search and Corporate Consulting solutions


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